Under Screed Acoustic Insulation

Expertise in Sound Absorption Materials for Reverberation Time Reduction

CMS Danskin is the home of the Regupol range of under screed acoustic insulation products. The Regupol range of resilient layers can be used with pre-cast concrete, beam and block, in-situ concrete and timber floor types. We have Robust Detail and PCT options. All materials provide a very effective route to Part E and Section 5 compliance. Our under screed acoustic insulation products include Regupol Quietlay, Regupol E48, Regupol 6010BA, Regupol 6010SH and Regupol 7210C. These products can be used throughout the UK. They comply with Part E for England and Wales, and Section 5 for Scotland.

Our under screed acoustic insulation materials are quick and easy to install. They are cost-effective and high-performing. They deliver minimal creep under high loads. As well as being compatible with all types of subl-floor, they are also compatible with sand cement, proprietary and self-levelling screeds.

Regupol® 7210C

Regupol 7210c Acoustic Under Screed Material

Regupol 7210C 5mm underscreed with no perimeter strips required.

Regupol® 6010BA

Regupol 6010BA Acoustic Underscreed Material

Regupol 6010BA 10mm underscreed with 50KN/m2 load-bearing capacity.

Regupol 6010SH

Regupol 6010SH Under Screed Sound Insulation

Regupol 6010SH 10-15mm underscreed with 100KN/m2 load-bearing capacity.

Regupol E48

Regupol E48 Robust Detail Underscreed

Regupol E48 8mm underscreed. Robust Detail for Beam & Block floor E-FC-6.

Regupol Quietlay

Regupol Quietlay Robust Detail E-FC-15

Regupol Quietlay 5mm underscreed. Robust Detail for pre-cast concrete plank E-FC-15.

Soundlay Foam

Soundlay Foam Underscreed Material

Soundlay Foam 5-10mm cross-linked, closed-cell foam underscreed.


  • Must be part of a suitable overall floor and ceiling construction.
  • With tiles or vinyl finishes, surfaces must be suitably prepared to receive finish. This may involve additional boarding.