CMS Danskin Acoustics SUPERLAG® Pipe Lag is a product consisting of a four part laminate including two acoustic isolation layers or spacers of polyurethane acoustic foam, separated by a heavy mass layer or acoustic grade lead or polymeric barrier with a facing of Class ‘0’ reinforced foil. SUPERLAG® Pipe Lag is available in a range of formats by varying the weight and type of the mass barrier and selecting from three thicknesses of acoustic spacer layers to suit the performance required.

Technical information for SUPERLAG® Pipe Lag

Acoustic Heavy Mass Sheet Barrier
Surface weight: 5 kg/m2or 10 kg/m2

Operating Temperature: -30 to 80oC


CMS Danskin Acoustics SUPERLAG® Pipe Lag is a highly efficient acoustic treatment designed for rainwater pipes, pneumatic & hydraulic pipes, and waste water pipes for industrial, commercial & construction applications. Steam pipes can also be treated with SUPERLAG® Pipe Lag providing a suitable thermal insulation is applied as the first layer in direct contact with the pipe face. Being of a foam laminate construction, it is ideal where fibre erosion is not acceptable and where a significant reduction in break-out noise is specified.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy and quick to apply.
  • Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Applied as a single treatment.
  • Low thermal conductivity.

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications