Acoustic Mineral Fibre Slab


Quietslab MF mineral fibre slabs are manufactured from long stranded mineral fibres that are thermo-set with resin into slabs and are ideal for a wide range of acoustic building and industrial applications. A highly versatile material with an extensive listing of applications such as acoustic ceilings, partition panels, walls, floors, roofs, ductwork and industrial enclosures. Also, thermal insulatior for boilers, heat exchangers, plant, tanks and pipes. Quietlay MF mineral bonded slabs an be flat or curved to suit requirements.


Reaction to fire

UnfacedEN 13501 - 1 A1

Minimum Bending Radius (mm)

Slab thickness (mm)3040506075100
Density 45 kg/m342550070090012001800
Density 60 kg//m3425500700100013501900
Density 100kg/m35507001000150022502500


  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Cost effective and easy to install.
  • Vermin and rot proof.
  • CFC and HFC free.

Facings and Coverings

Quietslab MF mineral fibre slabs are available in a wide range of coverings and facings; a brief selection of coverings and facings available include the following

  • Class ‘O’ foil facing.
  • Glass tissue scrim 60 gm/m2 (black and white).
  • Glass cloth 200 gm/m2 (black and white).
  • Melinex polyester film.
  • Ceramic paper.


CMS MF mineral fibre slabs are also available laminated with mass barrier materials for acoustic insulation applications. Laminates include:

Polymeric mass barrier – 5 7.5 and 10 kg/m2
Lead sheeting – 5 10 and 15kg/m2

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications