SuperPhon High Impact Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels for Sports Halls or where surface impact is expected.

SuperPhon High Impact Wall Panels have been specifically developed to provide an attractive reverberation control solution for areas of high traffic or where surface impact is expected.

SuperPhon is a cost effective panel system with a patented (GB2550373A) high impact resistant layer which provides superior levels of sound absorption due to its unique patented construction that incorporates advanced micro swirl air cells within the panel that significantly enhance the sound absorption particularly at the low end of the frequency spectrum, this extra performance means that when the performance levels are put into the room calculator less panel area is required compared to most other sound absorption panels on the market.

These highly robust panels are manufactured to bespoke order and finished with acoustic woven fabric to the front face and edges to deliver an high quality, aesthetic finish.

• Fully bespoke acoustic solution
• Impact resistant
• A wide range of fabric colours available
• Up to Class ‘A’ acoustic absorption
• Manufactured to exact project requirements
• Certified by CST Global Centre for Sports Technology
• Approved by ISSS, WSF and ITF
• A solid to wall or 25mm/50mm air gap can be formed on site
PanelAir gap125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1KHz2 KHz4 KHzNRCClass

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