Regupol Acoustic Adhesive and Damp Proof Membrane

Regupol adhesive 46-101

REGUPOL adhesive 46-101 Acoustic Adhesive

REGUPOL adhesive 46-101 represents the very latest development in Hybrid Polymer technology and has been formulated to give the highest levels of performance in terms of bond strength, versatility across many combinations of materials, improved acoustic performance in acoustic installations, resistance to stresses, fast curing speed and ease and cleanliness of use.

Subjected to the most intensive testing and development process, REGUPOL adhesive 46-101 represents the premium solution for bonding of acoustic flooring products and materials, by means of enhancing the acoustic performance of the entire system.

REGUPOL adhesive 46-101 should be used to bond REGUPOL acoustic underlays to subfloors by applying the adhesive to the subfloor and laying the underlay into the wet adhesive. The floor finish should be bonded to the REGUPOL by means of applying the adhesive onto the REGUPOL and laying the flooring finish onto the wet adhesive.

Adhesive to sub-floor:
Adhesive must be allowed to reach room temperature before application. Apply the adhesive to the surface by means of the notched trowels described above. Do not apply more than can be covered with REGUPOL or the flooring in 30 minutes. Place the REGUPOL or flooring into the adhesive layer and consolidate the bond by means of pressing. Adhesive should be allowed to cure for a minimum of at least 24 hours before accepting foot traffic or applying second layer. Once installation area is laid, press immediately in two directions (at right angles to each other). This is to remove any trapped air and ensure good all-over adhesive contact.
*Trowel sizes: use B1 for smooth floors and best coverage / B3 or B6 for less even floors and a higher bead height.

BaseModified Silane Polymer
AppearanceThixotropic paste
Coverage1kg/m2 approx. depending on subfloor and trowel notch size*
Curing/dryingChemical self-curing – minimum of 12 hours for foot traffic
24 hours before load bearing or sanding/finishing
Open/working time@ 30 minutes at 21°C and 50% RH. Product is tack-free after 60 mins
Temperature Resistance-40°C to +90°C (+120°C for a short period) when cured
Specific Gravity@ 1.6g/cm2 Total Solids: 100% (solvent free)y
Tensile strength[N/mm2] (ISO 37 DIN 53504)1.4
Shear strength[N/mm2] (wood-wood; DIN 14293) 1.6
Tear strength[kN/m] (ISO 34-1) 0.51
Application temperatureFrom +5°C to +40°C, (subject to floor covering manufacturers recommendations)
CleaningEasily cleaned, when wet, from hands and tools with builders’ wipes
Shelf Life12 months unopened packaging in a cool, dry place at between +5°C and +25°C

*Trowel sizes: use B1 for smooth floors and best coverage / B3 or B6 for less even floors and a higher bead height.

REGUPOL adhesive 43-105 Acrylic Adhesive

for Vinyl and Linoleum

REGUPOL adhesive 43-105 is a solvent free acrylic emulsion-based adhesive, for bonding many sound insulation materials to common sub-floors and many floor finishes to the insulation. This easy to spread adhesive, with a long open time, provides early tack and minimum slip, quickly building to a strong permanent bond. It is non-staining and has excellent resistance to plasticiser migration.

• For best results a minimum temperature of 18C should be maintained for the installation.
• An appropriate V notched trowel should be used to apply the adhesive evenly.
• For vinyl and other smooth backed floorcoverings, a 1.5mm x 5.0mm or A2 trowel is recommended, whilst a 2.0mm x 6.0mm or B1 trowel should be selected for floorcoverings with a more profiled back. Trowels should be cleaned after use withwater whilst the adhesive is still wet. Apply the adhesive evenly to an area of such a size that the floorcovering can be laid whilst the adhesive is receptive and gives good transfer. On absorbent surfaces lay the floorcovering immediately or in the case of tiles after 10-15 minutes (this reduces the slip). On non-absorbent surfaces allow the adhesive to develop a tack or, for sheet goods, employ a “double drop” technique to reduce the waiting time before laying. It is recommended that the adhesive bonding the underlayment to the subfloor should be allowed to cure before bonding the final floor finish to the underlayment, ideally the underlayment should be left overnight and the final floor finish applied the following day.
• To reduce the effect of shadowing on some vinyl’s, it is recommended that the adhesive is smoothed out whilst wet with a paint roller that has been pre-wetted with adhesive. Once installation area is laid, roll immediately in two directions (at right angles to each other) with a 68kg roller (on carpets use a weighted glider). This is to remove any trapped air and ensure good all-over adhesive contact.
• A second rolling (or gliding) is recommended approximately 1 hour later to ensure a strong bond is established.
Container Size15kg Plastic Buckets
TypeAcrylic Emulsion
ColourPale Blue
ViscosityApprox. 45,000 cps at 20°C – trowel apply
CoverageBetween 3m2 - 4m2 per kg depending on trowel used and absorbency of subfloor
Open TimeUp to 1 hour based on temperature, humidity, subfloor porosity and trowel used
StorageStore between temperatures of 5°C and 30°C
Shelf Life12 months in unopened containers, stored in recommended conditions
CleaningTools should be cleaned with water whilst the adhesive is wet.
Use hot water or Solvent Cleaner should the adhesive dry. Do not use on the skin.

REGUPOL barrier 99-201

Moisture Vapour Suppressant

REGUPOL barrier 99-201 is a ready-for-use, one part, water-based moisture vapour suppressant and DPM.

• Designed to work as a DPM/moisture vapour suppressant prior to the application of a full coverage of REGUPOL adhesive.
• Water based. Low VOC.
• Easy to apply – generally primer less* application and single component. No mixing required.
• Suitable for heated concrete and sand cement screeds (provided the surface temperature does not exceed 27oC in accordance with BS 8203 and BS 5325).
• Extremely fast drying – as quick as 30 minutes, depending on environmental conditions.
• Colour change technology to demonstrate when the product is ready for adhesive application.
• High bond strength to subfloors.

When used as directed, the product is a surface moisture vapour suppressant developed to suppress residual construction moisture and rising damp in cementitious subfloors including power floated concrete and sand/cement screeds. Consideration should be given to the fact that if a self-levelling compound is required it will be below the DPM layer and should be suitable for this environment. Do not lay self-levelling compound over REGUPOL barrier 99-201.
REGUPOL barrier 99-201 is designed to work with a full surface coating of REGUPOL adhesive as part of the installation of acoustic flooring systems.
Not recommended for application onto Gypsum based screeds, Anhydrite (calcium sulphate), bitumen or resin subfloors.
* Floors which are dusty, or excessively dry must be treated with a suitable primer before using REGUPOL barrier 99-201.

ColourWhite emulsion when wet. Blue/grey on application. Translucent when dry.
Packaging5 litre plastic bottle
CompositionDPM is a modified synthetic polymer emulsion
PerformanceCure time (at 20°C) @ 1/2 hour
Coverage@ 25m² per 5 litre unit
CleaningClean immediately after use with water. Use white spirit if the product has dried.
StorageStore between +5°C and +40°C in shaded dry conditions. Protect from frost.
Shelf Life12 months when stored in its original unopened containers

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