PSB-S - Resilient Partition Attachment

PSB-S - Resilient Partition Attachment

Decoupling a partition from non-isolated structural components, while maintaining structural integrity, is crucial to the success of any isolation construction. PSB-S should be used when a partition isn’t supported at the top plate or when support at the top and bottom of the partition isn’t sufficient to keep the partition from buckling.

11-ga galvanized steel bracket

Adjustable standoff can be tailored to specific airspaces (2-1/2″ minimum)

Static load rating of 50 lbs.

7/16″ thru slots for easy installation

For use when wall isolation is desired for wood-and steel-frame studwall construction, PSB-S supports the partition from buckling and eliminates the “give” felt when leaning on a wall that is acoustically isolated. PSB-S can be implemented in many construction situations, as it is a multi-axis restraint and is seismically rated.

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