ICC – Deck-Suspended Ceiling Hanger

ICC - Deck-Suspended Ceiling Hanger

Searching for a deck-suspended hanger that can be conveniently installed close to the deck, and makes installation of traditional grid systems easier? Kinetics ICC, a spring hanger using one-inch deflection coils, includes a sturdy spacer which secures the spring during installation of the first layer of drywall making system installation easier than when using wire-tie-style ceiling hangers, even saving you on labor. Once the weight of gypsum board compresses the spring, a minimum 11-inch airspace is created between the concrete deck and the isolated ceiling. ICC’s channel clip secures standard, 16-guage cold-rolled-channel (CRC) and allows for leveling the ceiling grid system (CRC and 7/8-inch drywall furring channel, typically). ICC combines all the necessary components for high performance noise control, separating layers of mass and creating a deep airspace, while minimizing spring coil resonance and ensuring easy attachment to the deck.


  • Channel clip assembly integrates CRC/drywall furring channel grid system and can handle capacities up to 210-pounds.
  • Built-in ability for leveling gypsum board framing grid.
  • Single fastener deck installation.
  • Multiple spring capacities ensure both adequate deflection and a level ceiling are achieved once installation is completed.

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