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FX-G & FX-G Weightlayer (REGUPOL sonusfit T110)  for Free-Weight Areas Where High Performance is Required.

FX-G and FX-G Weightlayer.

FX-G Weightlayer now known as REGUPOL sonusfit T110

The Regupol FX-G range is designed primarily for the fitness flooring market with its intended use being for free-weight areas where a high performance floor finish is required to provide reduction in impact and structure borne sound.

Regupol FX-G and FX-G Weightlayer (REGUPOL sonusfit T110) tiles are supplied with dowel fixings to enable a simple and effective method of installation and can be installed as a single item or as part of a bespoke floor build-up.

FX-G Weightlayer (REGUPOL sonusfit T110)
Finished with a 4mm everroll top layer to give aesthetic appeal whilst providing durability in service, FX-G Weightlayer (REGUPOL sonusfit T110) is available in a variety of colour finishes.

  • Regupol FX-G Flooring for Freeweight areas
  • Regupol FX-G Flooring for Freeweight areas Close Up Detail
  • Regupol FX-G Weightlayer Flooring for Freeweight areas
  • Regupol FX-G Weightlayer Flooring for Freeweight areas Close Up Detail


  • Gym Flooring
  • Functional Training Areas
  • Fitness Studios
  • Special floors where impact and structure-borne sound is prevalent

Material Composition

Manufactured from PUR bonded rubber. The underside of the Regupol FX-G tiles have a dimpled structure to enhance the elasticity and acoustic performance of the floor and provide a comfortable surface on which to train.

Physical Information

ProductDimensions (L x W x H)Tolerance
Weight per Tile (Kg)
FX-G1m x 0.5m x 50m+/-1%+/-2mm17
1m x 0.5m x 70m+/-1%+/-2mm23
FX-G Weightlayer (REGUPOL sonusfit T110)1m x 0.5m x 45m+/-1%+/-2mm15
1m x 0.5m x 70m+/-1%+/-2mm23.5

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