NP and NG - Neoprene Vibration Pads

Kinetics Model NP and NG Pads are produced from a high quality elastomer and are available in single ribbed or crossed double ribbed in one or more layers separated with steel shims. Pads are 45 or 65 durometer and are designed for 60 or 120 PSI (4.2 or 8.4 kg/cm2) maximum loading. The elastomer is oil and water resistant and has been designed to operate within the strain limits of the isolator and to provide long life expectancy. NP Pads are available with rated deflections from 0.04″ to 0.09″ (1 mm to 2 mm). NG Pads are available with rated deflections from 0.13″ to 0.19″ (3 mm to 5 mm). Pads are available in 4″, 6″, or 9″ (102, 152, 228 mm) squares with capacities from 400 to 9,700 lbs. (181 to 4400 kg), or in full 18″ (457 mm) square sheets which can be cut or drilled to meet field requirements. Kinetics Model NP or NG Pads can be used to isolate noise, shock, and high frequency vibration produced by mechanical, industrial, or process equipment located on grade or in other non-critical areas.


Kinetics Model NPS, NPD, NGS, and NGD ribbed elastomer isolation pads can be used to isolate noise, shock, and high frequency vibration, generated by mechanical equipment and industrial machinery located on a grade-supported structural slab.

Typical applications for ribbed neoprene isolation pads are limited to pad loadings of 60 PSI (4.2 kg/cm2) for 45 durometer material, and 120 PSI (8.4 kg/cm2) for 65 durometer material, and used with equipment having minimum operating speeds of 3600 RPM.

Typically, pad sizes are selected to uniformly transfer 60 PSI (4.2 kg/cm2) steady state loads to supporting structure. Model NPS, NPD, NGS, and NGD pads have been designed to provide 60 PSI (4.2 kg/cm2) of load capacity, and optimum isolation efficiency for each thickness, without exceeding strain limits of the material. Under impact, the load capacity of the pads is reduced by 50%, and 120 PSI (8.4 kg/cm2), 65 durometer material is used.


  • Single and double ribbed neoprene pads
  • Combination ribbed pads and steel shims
  • Alternately higher and lower ribs for maximum deflection
  • True elastomer-in-shear loading capacities from (4.2 or 8.4 kg/cm2)
  • Static deflections up to 0.19″ (5 mm)
  • Oil and corrosion resistant


Isolation pads shall be single ribbed or crossed, double ribbed elastomer-in-shear pads, in combination with steel shims when required, having minimum static deflections as tabulated.

All pads shall be true elastomer-in-shear using alternately higher and lower ribs to provide effective vibration isolation, and shall be molded using 2500 PSI (176 kg/cm2) tensile strength, oil resistant compounds with no color additives.

Pads shall be 45 or 65 durometer and designed to permit 60 or 120 PSI (4.2 or 8.4 kg/cm2) loading at maximum rated deflections.

When two isolation pads are laminated, they shall be separated by, and bonded to, a galvanized steel shim plate.

Neoprene vibration isolators shall have minimum operating static deflections as shown on the Vibration Isolation Schedule or as indicated on the project bid documents, but not exceeding published load capabilities.

Neoprene vibration isolators shall be Model NPS, NPD, NGS or NGD, as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.

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