• SuperPhon Hardface Sound Absorption for Prisons

Superphon Hardface

Acoustic Wall Panels for Prisons & Damage-Risk Areas

SuperPhon Hardface is a highly sound-absorbent acoustic treatment encased in a perforated galvanised steel or aluminium casing making it suitable for high-traffic areas and environments where vandalism may be an issue, such as prisons, police stations and industrial areas. Visually, the perforated steel casing conveys a strong contemporary aesthetic feel, ideal for residential or commercial applications, which can be powder-coated in any RAL colour to complement any interior.

Black or white glass tissue facings or Melinex can be applied to the acoustic core to enhance the product’s appearance and protect from the majority of common substances. Alternatively, a range of coloured fabrics in Cara or Lucia styles can be employed for greater aesthetic flexibility.

Benefits of SuperPhon Hardface Acoustic Wall Panels

• Resistant to malicious or accidental damage
• Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties
• Chemically inert
• Easy to install
• Vermin and rot resistant

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications