Acoustic Wall Solutions

Expertise in Acoustic Wall Solutions and Wall Soundproofing Materials

Whether you’re looking to control the unwanted sound entering or leaving a particular location, or you want to improve the listening environment by reducing the reverberation count, we have an acoustic wall solution or wall soundproofing product that will deliver exceptional results.

Our products have been put to the test in a variety of demanding projects and never found wanting. Projects like Leeds’ largest ever residential development, the Gateway, Everthorpe Prison, Headingly Hall and North Liverpool Academy are just a few that have seen reductions in airborne noise, impact noise and reverberation times thanks to our acoustic wall solutions and wall soundproofing materials.

SuperPhon Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panel Selector Page

Class A sound absorption acoustic wall panel. Ideal for BB93 compliance issues.

Regupol Acoustic Isolating Strips

Acoustic Isolating Strip

For use beneath blockwork and timber/metal studwork wall to isolate structure-borne noise.

Karma Acoustiwall

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An acoustic wall treatment which is ideal for reducing sound transmission through block , brick or stud walls.

Isomax Acoustic Wall Isolating System

Wall Acoustic Isolating Clip

Isolating clips and furring channels to isolate noise and vibration by decoupling plasterboard from the building structure.

A Comprehensive Suite of Acoustic Wall Solutions and Wall Soundproofing Materials

Sound comes at us from all directions and from a plethora of sources, which is why we offer a broad spectrum of acoustic wall solutions and wall soundproofing materials: acoustic panels, partitions, insulation, and isolating devices. Our product range includes blockwork isolating strips to reduce structure-borne noise, the IsoMax clip that completely isolates walls and ceiling where space is precious, and WallComp insulation to combat airborne noise transmission through internal stud walls. And that’s just a glimpse into what we have to offer.

We’ve invested a great deal of time and resource in Research and Development to ensure the right product for the right purpose. So our products utilise a range of materials, including rubber crumb, mineral wool and PUR foam, and everything has been thoroughly tested and passed by one of the UK’s leading UKAS testing centres. And because you can never have too much peace of mind, our acoustic wall solutions and wall soundproofing materials are also rigorously tested in situ to ensure second-to-none performance.

For free technical advice, an onsite visit and acoustic calculations, call us now. Our friendly and helpful team is waiting to assist you with all your acoustic wall solutions and wall soundproofing materials.

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