Acoustic Foam Laminate Lagging Barrier

SuperLag Foam Laminates

CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag FL Foam Laminates are a flexible material available in a range of formats

CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag FL Foam Laminates are a flexible material available in a range of formats to suit consisting of a four part laminate.

Incorporates a spacer or isolating layer a heavy mass layer an absorptive outer layer and an outer flame / vapour barrier which meets Class ‘0’ of the UK Building Regulations. Being of a laminated construction it overcomes the need for a separate isolation layernormally equired beneath most forms of acoustic lagging or isolated acoustic barriers.

SuperLag Foam Laminates Applications

CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag FL Foam Laminates are a highly efficient acoustic treatment for ductwork suspended ceilings infills for partitions and baffles between offices enclosures and similar outer treatment applications where a considerable reduction in the passage of breakout noise is required.

The Benefits Of SuperLag Foam Laminates

  • Easy and quick to apply.
  • Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Applied as a single dry treatment.
  • Low thermal conductivity and low toxicity.

Insulation Fixing Pins

A range of insulation hangers to provide instant mechanical fixing of preformed insulation to various surfaces.

They are often used as the sole means of support without the need for any additional adhesive bonding. They can also be used as a temporary aid to installation where additional mechanical support is also required. Used efficiently they are a means of considerably reducing on-site labour costs.

For our Insulation Fixing Pins product datasheet, click here.

PIB Sheeting

Tough waterproof and weather resistant rubber sheet based on Polyisobutylene (PIB).

It is coloured black and has excellent resistance to abrasion mechanical damage and weathering. It has very low water vapour permeability is unaffected by sunlight ozone and extremes of temperatures and will not crack with age.

PIB Sheeting is easy to install using solvent welding
Suitable wielding agents 1 solvents are readily available.
No special adhesives are required.

The sheet is dusted with talc to ensure smooth easy unwind from the roll.


Waterproof covering for thermal insulation on pipework and ventilation trunking.


  • High UV Resistance
  • Resistant to cracking abrasion mechanical damage and weathering
  • Very low water vapour permeability
  • No Special adhesives required