SHU – Spring Isolators

Kinetics SHU spring isolators are used to isolate suspended sources of low frequency vibration, mounted on steel platform or trapeze systems in non-critical locations.


Kinetics SHU spring isolators are typically used in threaded steel rod and trapeze or platform support systems to isolate vibration produced by in-line fans, cabinet fans, and piping and ductwork in close proximity to mechanical equipment.

SHU spring isolators are typically placed below a trapeze or platform supporting mechanical equipment. Threaded steel rods pass down through drilled oversized holes in the trapeze, through the spring, and transfer equipment loads to the spring using nuts and washers threaded onto the suspension rod.


Kinetics SHU spring isolators provide an effective spring vibration isolator, with steel-reinforced molded neoprene top and bottom load caps, for incorporation into the suspension rods of trapeze-type mounting systems for mechanical equipment, piping, and ductwork systems.

SHU spring isolators incorporate a color coded steel spring, which meets all specifications for Kinetics spring isolators providing high horizontal stability and 50% overload capacity. All model SHU spring isolators include molded elastomer and steel load caps for a metal-to-metal break in the support system. Rated static deflections range from 0.55″ to 1.79″ (14mm – 45mm) for rated loads tabulated on the reverse side of this sheet.


Model SHU Spring Isolators shall include a steel spring vibration isolator and shall include molded neoprene and steel load caps to break metal-to-metal contact between supporting and supported members. The spring element shall be color coded for capacity and shall be polyester powder coated, and shall have a 1000 hr rating when tested in accordance with ASTM B-117.

Kinetics SHU spring isolators, used in suspension systems including trapeze supports for mechanical equipment, shall be incorporated into suspension rods in a manner that allows no metal-to-metal contact between suspension rods and suspended equipment. Spring isolators shall be model SHU as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control.

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