Acoustic Putty Pads

Acoustic Putty Pads

Mouldable Putty Pads Designed To Easily fit sSocket boxes To Reduce Sound Travel Through Dry Walls.

Acoustic Putty Pads are intumescent, mouldable putty pads designed to easily fit socket boxes to reduce sound travel through dry walls. The pads also provide fire resistance while maintaining the acoustic integrity of the wall.The strong malleable putty avoids accidental tearing or puncturing while offering flexibility during fitting.

The Benefits Of Acoustic Putty Pads

  • Maintains acoustic integrity of the wall in PVC or metal boxes
  • Provides up to 2 hours fire resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to fit
  • Acoustic and fire testing available on request

Specifications Of Acoustic Putty Pads

  • Coverage: 27 single or 20 double sockets per reel
  • Size: 3.6m x 178mm
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