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SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate

CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate is manufactured from long stranded mineral fibres that are thermo-set with resin into slabs. The inner core of acoustic grade lead or polymeric barrier provides a high degree of resistance to the passage of sound.

Technical Information for SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate

Reaction to fire
B-s1,d0 EN 13501-1 for unfaced c/w polymeric
barrier (combinations with Lead core untested).
Certificate available on request.

Resistance to compression (BS EN 826)

Stress to give 10% compression (N/m2
Stress to reach elastic limit (kN/m2
Displacement at 5kN/m2
stress (%)

Minimum Bending Radius (m)

Slab thickness (mm)
Density 60 kg/m30.420.500.701.001.351.90

Applications for SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate

CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate is ideal for a wide range of building and industrial applications. A highly versatile material with an extensive listing of applications such as acoustic ceilings, partition panels, walls, floors, roofs, ductwork and industrial enclosures. Also, thermal insulation for boilers, heat exchangers, plant, tanks and pipes. CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate can be flat or curved to suit requirements.

It is a particularly useful material where a combination of high acoustic and thermal insulation is required, for example, for hot air blower fans and other industrial and process plant equipment types.

Features and Benefits of SuperLag® Quietslab Laminate

• Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
• Chemically inert
• Cost effective and easy to install
• Combined thermal and acoustic performance

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications