REGUFOAM® Vibration 510plus
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REGUFOAM® Vibration 510plus

Forms of delivery

Rolls, ex warehouse
Thickness: 12.5 and 25 mm
Length: 5,000 mm
Width: 1,000 mm

Customized strips and pads, self-adhesive versions and special roll lengths available on request.

Technical details

Maximum static load bearing capacity
0.220 N/mm²

Maximum dynamic load bearing capacity for intermitted loadings
0 to 0.320 N/mm²

Rare, short term peak loads
up to 4.000 N/mm²

Physical propertyNormResultComment
Static modulus of elasticityBased on EN 8261.1 - 1.7 N/mm²Tangential modulus, see figure “Modulus of elasticity”
Dynamic modulus of elasticityBased on DIN 535132.2 - 3.7 N/mm²Depending on frequency, load and thickness,see figure “dynamic stiffness“
Mechanical loss factorDIN 535130.15Load-, amplitude- and frequency-dependent
Compression setBased on DIN EN ISO 18564.2%Measured 30 minutes after decompression with 50% deformation / 23 °C after 72 hrs
Tensile strengthBased on DIN EN ISO 17982.4 N/mm²
Elongation at breakBased on DIN EN ISO 1798240%
Tear resistanceBased on DIN ISO 34-19.3 N/mm
Fire behaviourDIN 4102
DIN EN 13501-1
Sliding frictionREGUPOL-laboratory
Steel (dry)
Concrete (dry)
Compression hardnessBased on DIN EN ISO 3386-2330 kPaCompressive stress at 25 % deformation
test specimen h = 25 mm
Rebound elasticityBased on DIN EN ISO 830760%Dependent on thickness,
test specimen h = 25 mm
Force reductionDIN EN 1490461%Dependent on thickness,
test specimen h = 25 mm

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications