Acoustic Solutions for Timber Separating Floors

Ensuring a timber separating floor in a refurbishment project meets Part E of the Building Regulations (or Section 5, in Scotland), can appear complex, especially when you consider all the permutations available. Thankfully, CMS Danskin Acoustics have a range of products for practically every eventuality.

We have solutions for use over new or existing timber decks, direct to joist boards or to screeded floor above joists; where ceilings are existing lath and plaster or where a resilient bar ceiling system is being employed; and with brick or aggregate block masonry walls.

Shallow Acoustic Overlay Boards
17mm or 21mm shallow acoustic overlay boards to dampen vibration and attenuate impact and airborne noise.
Acoustic overlay board for timber decks
A 26mm acoustic overlay board intended to be laid above a timber deck to reduce impact and airborne sound.
Direct to joist acoustic overlay board
A 37mm high-performance structural flooring board to be installed directly on to joists with a resilient acoustic ceiling system below.
Acoustic OVerlay Board for Timber Deck 23mm
A 23mm overlay board designed to be laid above a timber deck to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission.
Acoustic Fire-Retardant Slab
A 30mm fire-retardant acoustic slab, comprising cement particle board bonded to a wood-fibre layer.
Acoustic Underlay and Chipboard
A 24mm acoustic flooring solution comprising 18mm chipboard and 6mm Regupol acoustic underlay.
Silica Sand Filled Acoustic Floor Panel
A 33mm (including 18mm chipboard) acoustic flooring solution filled with dry silica sand.

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications