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Karma Masspanel Acoustic Floor Panel

Karma Masspanel is a high-performance acoustic floor panel with an exceptional performance-to-height ratio.

Comprising an 18mm cement particleboard T&G4 bonded to a 12 mm woodfibre resilient layer. Karma Masspanel provides excellent impact and airborne sound insulation in a single product. It can be used on an existing floor or directly to joists making it an ideal product for refurbishment projects.

Karma Masspanel is used in refurbishment projects, improving existing structures where access is only available from above and when height restrictions exist but reliable performance is still required.

  • Excellent impact and airborne sound performance for 30mm thickness
  • Installed from above – existing ceiling can be retained
  • Can be used with most common floor finishes
  • Dry system which is quick to install
  • Non load bearing partitions can be built off the finished floor surface
  • Can be used on existing subfloors or direct to joists
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 25kg/m2
Criteria for Airborne Sound Insulation
CriteriaADE (England & Wales) DnT,w (+Ctr) (dB)Section 5 (Scotland) DnTw,w (dB)
Criteria Conversions≥43≥56
Criteria New Build≥45≥56

Criteria for Impact Sound Insulation

CriteriaADE (England & Wales) L’nT,w (dB)Section 5 (Scotland) L’nT,w (dB)
Criteria Conversions≥64≥56
Criteria New Build≥62≥56

Construction Specification
Floor TypeConstruction SpecAirborne dB Rw (-Ctr)Impact dB Ln,w
Timber I-JoistsKarma Masspanel, 15mm OSB on 235mm JJI-joists with 100mm mineral wool insulation between joists. The ceiling to the underside consisted of 2 layers of 15mm Soundbloc on resilient bars.60 (-Ctr)56
Timber Solid JoistsKarma Mass Panel, Karma TNF70 between the 195 mm Joists and Lath and Plaster Ceiling66 (-Ctr)52
Timber Solid JoistsKarma Masspanel, 225mm Solid Joists, RWA45 100mm between joists. The ceiling to the underside consisted of 2 layers of 15mm Soundbloc on resilient bars.57 (-Ctr)60

The use of TNF70 fire retardant slab used in conjunction with the floor build up above will provide over a 90 minute fire resistance. It is friction-fitted between the joists and sealed with Karma EX240 intumescent and acoustic mastic.

  • Euroform PUD4 Adhesive
  • Karma Acoustic Perimeter Strip
  • Firetherm ADL Mastic