Absorption & Reverberation

Expertise in Sound Absorption Materials for Reverberation Time Reduction

Soundproofing an environment in order to prevent extraneous noise from entering is just part of what we do at CMS Danskin Acoustics. We have also invested a great deal of time and energy in research and development in the area of sound absorption, dramatically reducing the reverberation time in such echo-prone locations as classrooms, libraries and even prisons.

Classrooms in particular require a low reverberation time reading in order to meet the requirements of DfES Building Bulletin 93 recommendations on noise levels in school (BB93). This calls for highly effective and targeted sound absorption.

SuperPhon Acoustic Wall Panels

SuperPhon acoustic wall panels for wall soundproofing are a composite construction and offer a fabric-covered solution for reducing sound reverberation.

Plant Room Acoustic Wall Lining Panels

Plant Room Acoustic Wall Lining Panels provide an effective means of controlling reverberation time & reflected sound in plant rooms.

SuperPhon High Impact Wall Panels

Specifically developed to provide an attractive reverberation control solution for areas of high traffic or where surface impact is expected.

Superphon Hardface

SuperPhon Hardface is a highly sound-absorbent acoustic treatment encased in a perforated galvanised steel or aluminium casing.


An ideal sound absorption solution for factories, hospitality, public buildings, recreation, construction, industrial enclosures and transport.

A Comprehensive Suite of Sound Absorption Materials and Reverberation Time Reduction Solutions

Our sound absorption materials and reverberation time reduction solutions include acoustic wall panels, ceiling-suspended acoustic panels, decorative melamine cubes, absorbent wall coverings matched to any colour you desire and our innovative Kinetics wave baffles designed to reduce reverberation time measurements in large, open spaces like arenas and gymnasiums. The strategic use of such effective sound absorption products (many have been officially rated ‘Class C’) can dramatically improve the listening environment.

For the uninitiated, Reverberation Time is calculated as the time it takes for a sound to to 60 decibels below its original level in a given environment. Rooms with lots of reflective surfaces that bounce sound around are referred to by acousticians as ‘live’. A room with a very short reverberation time is referred to as ‘dead’. By placing the right kind of sound absorption products in a live room, we can absorb unwanted sound, preventing it from creating distracting echoes.

For free technical advice, an onsite visit and acoustic calculations, call us now. Our friendly and helpful team is waiting to assist you with all your sound absorption and reverberation time queries.

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