Soundproofing Solutions for Noisy Neighbours

For One In Ten UK Residents Noisy Neighbours Represent A Chronic Problem.

A recent survey into the problems of noisy neighbours and noise-related stress revealed that  over 1.8 million people have suffered stress as a result of noisy neighbours and that, for almost one in ten UK residents, noisy neighbours represent a chronic problem.

Whilst new homes can be soundproofed at a structural level, older properties require ‘retro-fitted’ solutions. CMS Danskin’s Refurbishment Division offers a wide range of just such products, including acoustic boards and panels, acoustic isolating clips and furring channels, acoustic quilts and acoustic ceiling boards.

If you’re suffering as the result of a noisy neighbour, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to all your options here.

Wall Soundproofing Selector Image
a 30mm acoustic wall treatment which is ideal for reducing sound transmission through block , brick or stud walls.
Wall Acoustic Isolating Clip
Acoustic clips and furring channels decouple gypsum boards form the rest of the wall structure.
Silica Sand Filled Acoustic Floor Panel
A 15mm acoustic board filled with dry silica sand, ideal for upgrading lightweight block walls.
Ceiling Acoustic Isolation Clip
Acoustic clip and furring channel ceiling system that decouples gypsum board from structural elements.
Acoustic Blanket
A 52mm acoustic blanket that can be used in a wide range of applications to reduce noise transmission between floors and walls.
High-density composite acoustic ceiling board
A 17mm high-density,composite building board which can be installed onto a ceiling to reduce noise transmission.

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications