Karma Pipewrap

Karma Acoustic Pipewrap

Karma Acoustic Pipewrap Consists Of An Encapsulated Mineral Wool Wrap With Two Self-Adhesive Fixing Strips

Karma Acoustic Pipewrap consists of an encapsulated mineral wool wrap with two self-adhesive fixing strips, designed to assist in reducing unwanted noise in waste pipe enclosures. It is used where service pipes pass through separating floors to reduce sound transmission between adjacent floors and dwellings.

The Benefits Of Karma Acoustic Pipewrap

  • Maintains acoustic integrity of the wall in PVC or metal boxes
  • Provides up to 2 hours fire resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to fit
  • Acoustic and fire testing available on request

Specifications Of Karma Acoustic Pipewrap

  • Coverage: 27 single or 20 double sockets per reel
  • Size: 3.6m x 178mm
Download Product Details Spec Sheet