• Smartspan


Smartspan is available in 18mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, and 38mm thickness panels and can span across load bearing structures such as joists, pedestals and batten systems. Smartspan panels can be used where high loads are expected on floating floors and where brittle floor finishes are to be installed. Smartspan panels have excellent thermal conductivity making them ideal over UFH systems, and are suitable for all finishes including stone and ceramics. They require Knauf Single Layer Joint Adhesive for a monolithic floor.

Spanning floor

  • Tongue & Groove profile
  • High acoustic performance with resilient layer
  • Good loading capacity – suitable for ceramics
  • Low deflection underload – max 400mm centres for 18mm, 600mm and above for all other thicknesses
  • Easy to install
  • Can accept direct bonded ceramic finish


Floating floor

  • Tongue & Groove profile
  • High acoustic performance
  • High loading capacity – suitable for all finishes
  • Low deflection underload
  • Easy to install
  • Can accept direct bonded ceramic finish
  • Can be fully loaded after 24 hours


Benefits to Underfloor Heating (UFH)

  • Lower running costs compared to timber-based board or wet screed when UFH feed by conventional heat source.
  • Efficient and future proof for UFH feed from ground source & air source systems.
  • Reduced installation timetable for commissioning UFH system.
  • Facilities management improved with easy repair and maintenance.
  • High thermal conductivity = low resistance to heat transfer.

• CMS Danskin Acoustics Cradle and Batten System
• Regupol® 3912 Isolation Strips
• Single Layer Joint Adhesive

Smartspan System

with Acoustic Cradle and Batten

Acoustic Cradle and Batten Systems
CMS Danskin Acoustics Cradle and Batten systems can be used with a wide variety of sub-floor systems. Sub-floor types include: pre-cast concrete, cast in-situ concrete and timber floors. Our systems are suitable for both PCT and Robust Detail applications. They can be used in new-build and refurbishment projects. PEFC or FSC Chain of Custody certification is also available for selected products (ask for details). Our systems offer a highly effective route to Part E or Part 5 compliance.

Acoustic Resilient Battens
CMS Danskin Acoustics offer a range of acoustic resilient battens, suitable for pre-cast concrete, cast in-situ concrete, steel/concrete composite and timber subfloor types. Extremely adaptable, our resilient battens can be used in PCT or Robust Detail applications, in new build and refurbishment projects, in England and Wales (Part E) and Scotland (Part 5). Our acoustic resilient battens are also available with PEFC or FSC chain of custody certification.

• Edge Detail: T&G 4 sides
• Density: 1500kg/m3
• Suitable for all floor finishes
  • Regupol® 7210c
  • Regupol®4515 Multi
  • Regupol® 6010SH
  • Karma Perimeter Strip
  • Single Layer Joint Adhesive
  • Regupol® 3912 Isolation Strips (REGUPOL sonus 3912 Isolation Strips) for joist isolation before installing Smartspan
  • Mineral Wool Edge Strip for Fire Performance
  • Park Bearer
  • Reflex Bearer

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications