Karma Acoustic Overlay 23

Karma Acoustic Overlay 23 is an Overlay Board designed to be laid above a Timber Deck to reduce sound transmissions

Karma Acoustic Overlay 23 is an overlay board designed to be laid above a timber deck to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission. It consists of 18mm T&G4 chipboard laminated to a 5mm closed cell polyethylene resilient layer.


High-performance acoustic floor panel.

Comprising an 18mm tongued and grooved P5 chipboard to a 5mm foam resilient layer. Overlay 23 provides excellent impact and airborne sound insulation in a single product. It is used on an existing floor, new ply or chipboard floor or directly to concrete/screed floors making it an ideal product for refurbishments and new build projects.

23mm ThicknessMinimises increase in overall floor height
Apply direct to existing sub-floorNo need for specialist installation

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications