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Acoustic Engineered Wooden Flooring

Tongue and groove engineered plank with a Regupol®
acoustic layer bonded within for superior coverings on
a range of subfloor surfaces

Regupol® 4515 Eco is a tough, resilient, low cost acoustic underlay that has been developed to attenuate impact sound beneath a wide range of floor finishes, including carpet, wood, laminates and tiles in concrete construction.

Extremely durable, flexible and sustainable, Regupol® 4515 Eco delivers cost effective impact sound insulation and is ideal for all types of developments.

  • Acoustic Engineered Wooden Flooring
  • Designed for use with a wide range of floor finishes, including carpet and tiles as well as wooden based floor finishes, e.g. parquet
  • Offers long term performance without collapse or “bottoming” out under high point loads
  • Resistant to ageing and deformation
  • Zero global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  • Product manufactured using Recycled Materials and 100% recyclable

Regupol® 4515 Eco is popular with developments where effective sound control is essential and budgets must be kept to a minimum. These include:

• Apartments
• Education developments
• Hotels
• Commercial developments
• Leisure developments

All new access floors should be installed to SR1 standard. Pedestals must be adjusted and levelled to eliminate any rocking or lipping of the raised access panel. The locking nut on the pedestal should be utilised to avoid any opportunity of the pedestal moving during its lifespan. Where possible, the access panels should be fixed to the pedestal. If this is not possible as with some brands, SR1 standard must be achieved. See our ‘Tier tips’ in our full Installation and maintenance guidelines to ensure a perfect installation.

Bond with MS Polymer as per adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. To ensure maximum floor strength, lay boards in a brick pattern, leaving 300mm minimum between end joints. Where spanning of joists is
required, using 21 or 22mm and a span of 400mm centres or under. Please take exact advice per project from our specialist team.