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Gaming Bar Acoustics: Electric Shuffle Leeds Case Study

As new bar game experiences sweep the country, CMS Danskin Acoustics is helping ensure good acoustics for playing customers.

The Project

Red Engine are the team behind the social darts brand Flight Club and the shuffleboard experience Electric Shuffle. The company reimagines traditional bar games into thrilling social experiences using the latest technology. Having perfected their offering the team continue to expand in the UK, and now also in the US and Australia.

Electric Shuffle bars bring the traditional shuffleboard bar game right up to date with the latest tech. Players in groups of up to sixteen enjoy an immersive gaming experience hosted in a high quality, quirky bar environment, supported by showstopping cocktails and mouthwatering sharing plates.

Electric Shuffle Leeds is on The Headrow, a major thoroughfare in the city centre. The bar is housed in a former bank building just a stone’s throw from Leeds Town Hall, and the bar aesthetic fits right in with the Victorian exterior.

The Electric Shuffle brand aesthetic is a combination of luxe furnishing and joinery with an industrial edge delivered by exposed ceilings and services. Red Engine’s design team put a lot of effort into making customers feel a sense of permanence and luxury with an edge, all part of the immersive experience.

Bar Acoustics – The Challenge

A busy bar environment, particularly one where patrons are taking part in competitive games, generates high levels of noise which can make it difficult to enjoy the atmosphere. An interior with fewer soft furnishings, plenty of hard surfaces and exposed ceilings, increases sound reflection and reverberation and makes conversation difficult.

At Electric Shuffle Leeds the bar is housed in an existing building with offices above and low ceilings. The lively game of shuffleboard also produces additional noise. Fortunately, Red Engine is a long-standing customer of CMS Danskin Acoustics, and our team are experienced in providing solutions which fit not only their acoustic needs but also their aesthetic and logistical requirements.

Superphon Rafts

Superphon is a CMS Danskin Acoustic brand name for a range of wall and ceiling soundproofing products designed to deliver exceptional results. Superphon Suspended Absorbers are part of our ceiling range available as baffles and rafts.

Superphon Rafts are an effective means of controlling reverberation and reflected sound and are ideal for situations where wall level absorption is not possible. Rafts can be suspended safely and discretely using a range of bespoke suspension methods. The absorbers can be manufactured in a range of size, thickness, shape or fabric facing. CMS Danskin Acoustics offer a range of standard fabric colours, and panels which can also be colour matched to any chosen fabric or background.

Specification, Supply and Installation

CMS Danskin Acoustics team worked closely with the interior design team at Red Engine to ensure a smooth process for the design and installation of the acoustics solution. An initial plan was developed at the design stage and then adjusted to changing on-site requirements to ensure the rafts fitted perfectly between the exposed services as the final layout changed to suit the requirements of the existing building.

Samples of fabrics were matched on site to the exposed concrete ceiling to ensure the rafts were unobtrusive and did not distract from the beautiful joinery and lighting.  CMS Danskin Acoustics then supplied twenty-eight 40mm thick rafts which were installed by Red Engine’s on-site contractor.

Technical Advice on Acoustics in Entertainment Venues

CMS Danskin Acoustics are specialists in soundproofing materials and acoustic insulation. CMS Danskin Acoustics work closely with architects and designers, sharing  expertise to ensure the perfect acoustic solution for any interior or construction project. The technical team at CMS Danskin Acoustics can advise on the specification of a wide range of specialist acoustic and vibration control systems – balancing performance, aesthetics and budget. Solutions are available to treat floors, walls and ceilings, as required, delivering a holistic design approach to sound control for any environment.

CMS Danskin Acoustics  don’t just design, manufacture and deliver market leading products  working with the entire supply chain and project teams to ensure a smooth path from conception to completion.

CMS Danskin Acoustics friendly and helpful team is waiting to assist you with all your acoustic ceiling product and ceiling soundproofing requirements. Contact CMS Danskin Acoustics about your project.

Project:        Electric Shuffle Leeds

Client:          Red Engine

Product:       Superphon Rafts

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