Sep 10

CMS Danskin Acoustics Launches Regupur® Range

New screeding system to provide seamless floor finish and single manufacturer guarantee

Acoustic Self-Levelling Screed

CMS Danskin Acoustics, one of the UK’s leading providers of acoustic solutions has announced it will be launching Regupur®, a new range of screeding products, on Stand C21 at The Flooring Show 2018 (16th-18th September). Regupur® which complements the Regupol® portfolio of acoustic underlayments, is offered as a complete system with a single manufacturer guarantee. Regupur® combined with Regupol® is designed to provide one of the smoothest floor finishes on the market.

With the demand for luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) on the rise, an extremely level subfloor to SR1 is crucial for achieving the highest quality finish and protecting the aesthetic design. The Regupur® range assists with this by providing access to a choice of two self-levelling screeds, a priming product and an optional moisture vapour barrier.

Where the concrete substrate needs levelling, the Regupur® system first requires the application of Reguprime, a solvent free acrylic primer in water dispersion which has very low emission of volatile organic compounds. The area is then ready to take the screed.

Dependent on individual site requirements, Regupur® is available as a water-based or latex self-levelling screed. Water-based Regulevel 1 is a fibre reinforced levelling compound which can be hand or pump applied to deliver a screed up to 40mm thick in a single application. Regulevel 2 is a latex-based screed for levelling and smoothing differences from 3-10mm.

When Regupol® materials are installed on top of the Regupur® screed, this delivers a robust and flat surface which provides the ideal base on which to install LVTs, ceramic tiles and any other final floor finish. As a complete Regupol® system, the build-up from Regupur® primer through to Regupol® acoustic underlayments is backed by a system guarantee.

Where the cement-based substrate contains high residual moisture generally above 75% RH, the Regupur® range also offers Regushield as an optional addition to the complete system and for application prior to the priming process. This two-component, solvent free, pure epoxy resin is a low viscosity product with a high penetration capacity in the porosity of the substrate.

Neil Clifford, Sales Director CMS Danskin Acoustics, comments: “We’ve seen several instances where the floor finish has not been up to standard which has resulted in lengthy and costly site investigations as to the cause – all of which contractors want to avoid. With the launch of a combined screed and resilient layer system, we’re removing any uncertainty as to responsibility through a system guarantee, but more importantly, providing a robust solution which promises unrivalled quality.”

The full Regupur® range is now in stock and available to purchase from CMS Danskin Acoustics. The screeding products can be procured in isolation or as a system specification with Regupol® acoustic underlayments.

To learn more, visit CMS Danskin Acoustics on Stand C21 at The Flooring Show 2018 or call 01925 577711.

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