Feb 17
impact mat for Waitrose

Waitrose London

The Challenge

Located in a densely populated area of London, the Balham branch of Waitrose had a responsibility to minimise the impact of its operations on the surrounding neighbourhood. Supermarkets are deceptively noisy, a solution was required in order to maintain low noise levels within the proximity of the store.

Closely monitoring store activity, Waitrose identified that deliveries risked causing a disturbance to nearby residents – because metal cages used to carry stock generated high levels of noise when rolling across the uneven concrete floor, particularly when empty.

To reduce noise levels during delivery times, Waitrose needed a durable acoustic flooring solution that would directly attenuate sound and withstand the impact of the cages. This was where CMS Danskin were able to step in and provide a valuable and reliable solution.

The Solution

After reviewing the performance requirements of the store, CMS Acoustics recommended and installed High Impact Mat. Manufactured from a non-reflective and slip resistant material which exceeds the highest safety standards, CMS High Impact Mat reduces excess sound by cushioning and absorbing impact sound.

Composed of reclaimed rubber, EPDM granulate and PUR binder, CMS High Impact Mat is an environmentally friendly product available in a range of thicknesses, from 4mm to 12mm. At Waitrose, the material was specified at a thickness of 10mm.

The Result

Quick and easy to install, CMS Acoustics completed the 150m2 installation of High Impact Mat in just two days. Critical to minimising disruption to store operations, CMS High Impact Mat was able to carry traffic just 24 hours after installation.

Waitrose branch manager, Steve Baller, commented: “As part of our commitment to minimise disruption to our neighbours it was important to find a product that would reduce noise. CMS High Impact Mat has proven to be an excellent product, the sound levels have been reduced substantially and the floor is able to withstand the weight of loads coming into the warehouse.”