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SuperLag® Rw


SUPERLAG® Rw features an isolation layer of stitch reinforced mineral fibre laminated to a flexible dense acoustic barrier with a foil facing.

SUPERLAG® Rw is a highly flexible material consisting of a three part laminate incorporating a spacer or isolating layer, a very flexible heavy mass layer and an outer vapour barrier. It overcomes the need for a separate isolation layer normally required beneath most forms of acoustic lagging. It is a highly efficient acoustic insulation for ductwork, pipes, enclosures and similar applications where a considerable reduction in the passage of noise is required combined with ease of application.

It is manufactured using a special mineral fibre which is quilted to a zig zag reinforcement pattern in order to prevent both fibre migration and delamination and to provide stabilisation of the fibre preventing the fibres from settling.

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  • The isolation layer reduces the transfer of sound and vibration
    excitation from transmitting from the noise source to the high mass barrier, it also provides a flexible high level of sound absorption thus absorbing noise emitted from the surface.
  • Highly durable.
  • Highly Flexible.
  • Suitable for installation on smaller pipes.
  • Reaction to Fire
    (EN 13501-1) B-s1,d0
  • The super flexible acoustic barrier reflects the sound energy back into the mineral fibre to be further absorbed.
  • Available in various weights and thicknesses to meet the sound reduction requirements of a range of applications and specification requirements.
  • The product is dimensionally stable under various conditions of temperature and humidity.
  • Excellent acoustic performance & low thermal conductivity.
  • Compatible with a wide and varied range of surfaces that it is likely to be used on.
  • Simpler installation than comparable multi component systems.
  • Applied as a single layer treatment or the low frequency performance can be further enhanced by first applying CMS Danskin Acoustics DS10 damping sheet.

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