Soundproofing for Suspended Ceilings, Pipes and Sockets

At CMS Danskin’s Refurbishment Division, we pride ourselves on taking a meticulous approach to soundproofing and acoustics. In other words, we’ve tried to identify every conceivable route that unwanted sound can take through a residential property or commercial premises. Once identified, we’ve applied all our knowledge and experience of acoustic resistance and sound absorption to the problem, resulting in highly soundproofing and noise reduction effective solutions.

This drive to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ has led to the creation of our Soundblocker range for suspended ceilings to reduce ‘crosstalk’ from neighbouring rooms, Putty Pads to reduce impact sound transmission from electrical sockets through dry walls and Pipewrap to reduce noise transmission where service pipes pass through separating floors.

  1. Noise reduction for suspended ceilings
  2. Noise reduction / fire protection for electrical sockets
  3. Noise reduction for soil pipes

Karma Putty Pads
Karma Acoustic Pipewrap