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    Approved FFT1 and FFT3 bearer in many Robust Detail constructions.
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    Approved for new Scottish Example Constructions
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    Exceptional impact sound reduction in party floors
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    Can eliminate wet trades
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    Provides void for services and underfloor heating
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    Proven durability of resilient polymer based fibre layer
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    Proven acoustic performance
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    PEFC or FSC accreditation
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    GWP of resilient layer is 0.


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    Most timber, steel and concrete separating floors
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    Robust Detail Separating Floors E-FC-1, E-FC-2, E-FC-7,
    E-FS-1, E-FT-1, E-FT-2, E-FT-3, E-FS-2
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    Section 5 Example Constructions 1B, 2B, 3A and 3B


Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens comprise softwood battens 45mm ( Nom.) wide by 2400mm long with a specially developed resilient fibre strip 17mm thick adhered to the underside. They can be preservative treated if required. On average it is expected that the resilient layer will compress by around 4mm under normal loading.

Standard Heights ( unloaded ) : 53mm , 75mm and 87mm ( Nom.)

Other sizes are available to order. Timber is FSC certified as standard.

For FFT1 requirements use a 75mm Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens.
For FFT3 requirements use a 53mm Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens or higher.


Laboratory values for Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens are shown below.
Please request CMS Danskin Performance Data sheets for test information on the Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens with different structural floor and ceiling combinations.


High Load Bearers

It is an essential feature of effective floating floors that they deflect vertically in order to absorb impact energy and therefore reduce sound transmission. However effective deflection under areas of high load such as kitchen and bathroom furniture is not desirable. While this can sometimes be lessened by reducing batten centres or using double rows of Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens, limited numbers of high density foam battens can sometimes be used in these local areas. On concrete subfloors High Load Bearers are also recommended for use at room perimeters. As High Load Bearers have a lesser acoustic performance than Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens a warning message regarding excessive use is printed on the top surface. High Load Bearers are manufactured to a similar height as compressed Reflex Bearer Acoustic Battens ( ie, Reflex height less 4mm ) and provide superior support.

Danskin Flanking Strip

This is placed at the perimeter of each floor . The 6mm thick preformed “L” shaped acoustic foam is supplied in strips 1.8m long and packed in bags of 100 lineal metres.The innovative “L” shape makes the flanking strip easy to fit and one size fits all floors. It is lightly trapped between the bottom of the skirting and the top of the flooring board with the excess neatly trimmed off.

Danskin Acoustic Quilt
( as required )

Where required to achieve a particular acoustic performance CMS Danskin can supply acoustic quilt.

Thickness : 25mm
Density : 19 kg/m2
Roll size : 22.5 metres long x 1.2 metres wide.

Chipboard Flooring

18mm or 22mm thick P5 T&G chipboard flooring with optional protective or decorative layers.

Sheet size : 2400 x 600

Danskin D3 Adhesive

Danskin D3 adhesive is a high quality resin based wood adhesive which provides a high strength impact resistant bond. It conforms to the international standard EN 204 (D3) and BS 4071 for creep resistance.It is supplied in 1 litre bottles.

Benefits of Acoustic Bearers

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    Effective impact and airborne sound reduction for separating floors
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    Creates a void for services under the floor
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    Proven FFT accreditation for Robust Details and Scottish Example Constructions
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    Eliminates the delays caused by screeds
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    Use sustainable homegrown UK timber
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    Suitable for both new build and refurbishment


Acoustic bearers incorporate sustainable timber. Wherever possible the timber used is homegrown to minimise transportation. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the resilient layers on the Park and Reflex Bearers is zero.

Acoustic Bearer Product Selector

Product Uneven Subfloors Level Subfloors (*1) Compatible Subfloors (*2)
Cast Insitu Precast Planks Steel/Concrete Composite Beam & Block Solid Timber Joists Timber I Joists Metal Web Joists Steel Joists
Park Bearers
Reflex Bearers
*1 – Maximum permissable deviation of 3mm from the underside of a 2m straight edge resting in contact with the floor surface.
*2 – When used with suitable ceiling construction. This table is indicative only. If uncertain, please check with CMS Danskin Acoustics.

Bearer Centres

Bearer centres must not exceed 400mm for 18mm chipboard or 600mm for 22mm chipboard based on a maximum UDL of 1.5kN/m2 and concentrated load of 2 kN. Bearer centres should be reduced to 300mm where heavy loads are anticipated. e.g kitchens and bathrooms.

Where anticipated loads exceed these figures please contact CMS Danskin Acoustics.

Reflex Bearers

CMS Danskin Acoustics have produced an innovative flooring bearer with an exceptional level of acoustic performance which contributes significantly to the reduction of impact and airborne sound through timber and steel joisted party floors.

The Reflex Bearer incorporates a unique resilient fibre layer which provides a high degree of impact sound reduction.

Reflex Bearers are ideal on level timber or lightweight steel joist subfloors as part of a suitable base floor and ceiling construction.

Reflex Bearers consist of softwood timber battens 2400mm long by 45mm wide with a unique fibre resilient layer adhered to the underside.

Length Width (*1) Height (*2) Height Benchmark (*3)
2400mm 45mm 53mm FFT3
2400mm 45mm 75mm FFT1
2400mm 45mm 87mm FFT80

Notes :
**1 – Reflex Bearers comply with the WPIF Code of Practice for Particle Board and OSB Floating Floors (3/2018) which specifies a minimum finished batten width of 45mm.

*2 – It is anticipated that the resilient layer will compress by around 4mm under a UDL of 25kg/m2.

*3 – This refers to the batten height category. Please also refer to the FFT performance table on the next page for appropriate use.

Reflex Bearers FFT Performance Qualification

Design Approach Performance Requirements Tested Performance
England & Wales Robust Detail Construction (*1)
E-FT-1 - Timber I Joists (FFT1 batten)
E-FT-2 - Timber Solid Joists (FFT1 batten)
E-FT-3 - Metal Web Joists (FFT1 batten)
E-FS-2 - Metal Joists (FFT1 batten)
FFT3 Batten to be at least 70mm high (compressed)
Minimum rd∆ Lw 15dB
Minimum rdDelta Rw + Ctr 13dB
75mm high Reflex Bearer
rd∆ Lw 22dB
rd∆ Rw + Ctr 16dB
E-FT-7 - Timber I Joists (FFT80 batten)
E-FT-8 - Timber Solid Joists (FFT80 batten)
FFT80 Batten to be at least 80mm high (compressed)
Minimum rd∆ Lw 16dB
Minimum rd∆ Rw 17dB
Minimum rd∆ Lw + Ctr 13dB
87mm high Reflex Bearer
rd∆ Lw 23dB
rd∆ Rw 18dB
rd∆ Rw + Ctr 17dB
Scottish Robust Detail Construction
V-FT-1 - Timber I Joists (FFT80 batten)
V-FT-2 - Timber Solid Joists (FFT80 batten)
FFT80 Batten to be at least 80mm high (compressed)
Minimum rd∆ Lw 16dB
Minimum rd∆ Rw 17dB
Minimum rd∆ Lw + Ctr 13dB
87mm high Reflex Bearer
rd∆ Lw 23dB
rd∆ Rw 18dB
rd∆ Rw + Ctr 17dB
Scottish Example Constructions
Floor type 3A
Timber Frame Floor with Solid Joists
Floor type 3B
Timber Frame Floor with Engineered I Joists
FFT1 Batten to be at least 70mm high (compressed)
Minimum ∆ Lw 16dB
Minimum ∆ Rw 17dB
Minimum ∆ Rw + Ctr 13dB
75mm high Reflex Bearer
∆ Lw 22dB
∆ Rw 17dB
∆ Rw + Ctr 16dB
*1 – In Northern Ireland the England and Wales Robust Detail constructions are accepted as an alternative to pre-completion sound testing to demonstrate compliance with Part G (NI) for new dwellings.

Reflex Bearer Accessories

L-Shaped Flanking Strip for perimeter isolation.

Thickness: 6mm
Length: 1.8m

Acoustic quilt (as required). Laid between bearers for enhanced sound reduction.

High Load Bearers. An option in limited areas for additional support.

Flooring Boards

  • Smartspan (for use with underfloor heating )
  • P5 flooring grade chipboard
  • Engineered Spruce flooring grade plywood

Our Commitment

The aim of CMS Danskin Acoustics is to correctly interpret the requirements of our customer and, where available, to offer appropriate evidence that our floating floors are suitable for use within their separating floor design. Where our customer requires specific acoustic design advice we will be pleased to assist in directing them to a suitably qualified acoustic consultant.

Floating floor treatments are only one part of a separating floor structure and the correct design, installation and workmanship of the total construction is essential to ensure satisfactory performance. Any evidence provided about the compatibility of a CMS Danskin Acoustics acoustic flooring product is dependent on the customer providing complete and accurate construction information.

The type of evidence which is necessary to justify the inclusion of our products is dependent on the approach taken by the customer to satisfy the regulations.

For each approach the evidence we can generally offer is as follows:

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    Building Regulations Approved Document E Guidance Construction / Scottish Example Construction route – where available , laboratory test evidence that a CMS Danskin Acoustics product meets the minimum performance requirements for the relevant floor type as set out in the each document.
  • null
    Building Regulations Approved Document E / Section 5 / Part G Pre Completion Testing Route – where available, site test evidence of a similar construction demonstrating performance above the minimum standards. It is the customer’s responsibility to establish whether this evidence is sufficient.
  • null
    Robust Detail Construction route – Where available, laboratory test evidence to demonstrate that the product or system meets the rd∆ Lw / rd∆ Rw / rd∆ Rw + Ctr specified in the relevant RD Document.


To ensure correct installation of floors the manufacturer`s detailed fixing instructions must be followed carefully. Copies of these instructions are available from CMS Danskin Acoustics.

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