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Products Available in NBS Plus

What is NBS Plus?

89% of the UK’s top architectural practices have access to NBS Plus.

NBS Plus is a library of manufacturers’ technical product information, written in NBS format by our team of in-house experts and linked to specific clauses within the market-leading NBS specification software products. Using NBS Plus, designers can specify products quickly and accurately with just one click, importing the relevant product information directly into their specification.

Benefits at a glance

Integration into NBS specification software – your product information is instantly accessible to more than 4,000 architectural practices and other companies that use NBS specification software

Instant access – Specifiers have instant access to your company and technical product information at the crucial time of project specification

Less chance of product substitution – inclusion in NBS Plus minimises the risk of product substitution as your product and company details are directly placed within the specification

Simple to join – simply supply your product literature and data sheets – our technical experts will do the rest

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