Aug 30

Specification Online – Regupol 6010SH Really Working Out for the Gym Group

Acoustic insulation specialists CMS Danskin have collaborated with The Gym Group for the sixth time, providing Regupol 6010SH acoustic underscreed for the national fitness group’s latest gymnasium in Stockwell.

Ian Bull of CMS Danskin commented, “If you take a large, open space such as a gymnasium and fill it with thumping machinery, noise is inevitably going to be a major problem. And, unlike, factories or other industrial environments, a gymnasium needs to achieve almost residential levels of soundproofing.”

Given the industrial nature of the problem and the degree of noise reduction required, award-winning architects Darling Associates specified CMS Danskin’s Regupol 6010SH.

Regupol 6010SH is a high-performance multi-purpose acoustic flooring material, specifically designed for reducing high levels of impact noise.


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