Feb 17
Regupol 6010BA


Sainsbury’s New Build Mixed-Use Retail Development

As part of a £40 million re-development of an existing shopping centre in Farnborough, a new Sainsbury’s was to be the anchor store. The development was designed as a mixed use site and after a review of the store it was identified that project contractors, RG Group, would need to prevent the impact/structure-borne noise from travelling from the store and into the residential apartments situated above.

RG Group, were required to install Regupol® 6010BA in order to provide high performance as well as ease of use, necessary in meeting the tight deadlines of the project.

The Solution

Acoustic consultants, 24 Acoustics, specified Regupol® 6010BA to ‘float’ the entire shop floor. Quick and easy to install, RG Group was able to cover an area of 4,000m2 efficiently against tight timescales.

Manufactured from recycled tyre crumb and resistant to ageing and deformation, Regupol® 6010BA has a maximum load bearing capacity of 50kN/m2 and performs well, even under high point loads. This was a specific consideration for Sainsbury’s as various point loads, such as plant rooms, would be apparent in the final fit-out of the store.

Regupol® 6010BA has also been proven to retain its performance characteristics for a long and maintenance free lifespan. A sustainable specification, Regupol® 6010BA offers zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). Moreover, in addition to being manufactured from recycled materials, it is also completely recyclable.

The Result

Meeting the tight deadline imposed on the project was facilitated by the efficient and on-time deliveries of material to site and the quick and easy installation of Regupol® 6010BA. With an impact sound insulation of 43dB and airborne sound insulation of 65dB, Regupol® 6010BA achieved Sainsbury’s performance specifications and minimised sound transfer from the store.
Louis Vandermerwe, RG Group, commented: “We were extremely impressed with the turnaround times from CMS Acoustics. As soon as Regupol was identified as the most cost effective and high performing isolation solution to meet the project requirements, we needed to move quickly to installation. The material was delivered to site exactly when we needed, and proved quick and easy to install.”