Regupol and CMS Danskin: a Sound Partnership

Regupol’s acoustic flooring products and vibration isolation solutions are successfully employed all over the world.
In CMS Danskin, they have found a partner as equally dedicated to finding high-performance acoustic and vibration solutions across
the United Kingdom’s construction industry.

Under Screed Acoustic Insulation

Regupol 7210C

Now known as REGUPOL sonus core 5

Regupol 7210c Acoustic Under Screed Material
Regupol 7210C (REGUPOL sonus core 5) Acoustic Resilient Layer is a cost-effective rubber bound product manufactured from recycled materials.

Regupol E48

Now known as REGUPOL sonus curve 8

Regupol E48 Robust Detail Underscreed
Regupol E48 (REGUPOL sonus curve 8) 8mm underscreed. Robust Detail for Beam & Block floor E-FC-6.

Regupol 6010BA

Now known as REGUPOL sonus curve 17

Regupol 6010BA Acoustic Underscreed Material
Regupol 6010BA (REGUPOL sonus curve 17) 10mm underscreed with 50KN/m2 load-bearing capacity.

Regupol Quietlay

Now known as REGUPOL sonus quietlay

Regupol Quietlay Robust Detail E-FC-15
Regupol Quietlay (REGUPOL sonus quietlay) 5mm underscreed. Robust Detail for pre-cast concrete plank E-FC-15.

Regupol 6010SH

Now known as REGUPOL sonus core 10-S and REGUPOL sonus core 15-S

Regupol 6010SH Under Screed Sound Insulation
Regupol 6010SH (REGUPOL sonus core 10-S and REGUPOL sonus core 15-S) 10-15mm underscreed with 100KN/m2 load-bearing capacity.

Acoustic Underlays

Regupol 3912

Now known as REGUPOL sonus 3912

Regupol 3912 resilient layer
Regupol 3912 (REGUPOL sonus 3912) 6mm acoustic underlay for timber floors and refurbishments.

Regupol High-Impact Mat

Regupol High Impact Mat
Regupol High-Impact Mat 4-12mm non-slip final floor finish for heavy footfall areas.

Regupol 4515 Eco

Now known as REGUPOL sonus eco

Regupol 4515 Eco Resilient Underlay
Regupol 4515 Eco (REGUPOL sonus eco) 3-4.5mm acoustic underlay for concrete floors.

Regupol 4515 Multi

Now known as REGUPOL sonus multi

Regupol 4515 Multi Acoustic Underlay
Regupol 4515 Multi (REGUPOL sonus multi) 3-4.5mm acoustic underlay for concrete floors with light-coloured finishes.

Gymnasiums & Sports Flooring

everroll Multitile and Weightlayer

now known as everroll multitle 27mm & everroll multitle 43mm

everroll Multitile (everoll multitile 27mm) and Weightlayer
everroll multitile 27 and multitile 43 offer high levels of shock absorption – protecting the subfloor from damage while providing gym members with a cushioning and comfortable training area.

FX-G and FX-G Weightlayer

now known as REGUPOL sonusfit t 110

FX-G weightlayer now known as REGUPOL sonusfit T110
The Regupol FX-G range is designed primarily for the fitness flooring market wuth its intended use being free-weight areas where a high performance floor finish is required to provide reduction in impact and structure borne sound.

everroll Gym Flooring

Gymnasiums & sports flooring everroll gym
everroll Fitness Flooring for Outstanding Durability.

everroll fitness flooring is available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thicknesses.

Case Studies

Nine Elms Parkside: Under Screed Acoustic Layer

Nine Elms Parkside Case Study: Under Screed Acoustic Layer
When carrying out a large-scale housing development it pays to rely on tried and tested products to provide acoustic certainty. Regupol 7210C (REGUPOL sonus core 5) is one such product. With a long history of reliability, it is now being installed in the UK’s largest single-phase build to rent development.

Acoustic Scheme for Historic Standon Hall

ACOUSTIC insulation experts CMS Danskin Acoustics has worked with historic Standon Hall to specify and supply a range of acoustic products to reduce the impact of airborne and impact sound transmission in the Grade II listed Staffordshire venue.

The Shard

CMS Danskin’s Regupol E48 (REGUPOL sonus curve 8) was specified, a Robust Detail approved (E-FC-6) high-performance screed isolation material. E48 (REGUPOL sonus curve 8) was perfect for those ‘thin screed’ areas, with its maximum load bearing capacity of 3000kg/m3 (30kN/m2)

Acoustic Lagging for Technical Applications