Jun 13

Introducing Our New Dedicated Gym Division

Acoustics for Gymnasiums

Expanded team and new sports flooring range to address acoustics in fitness market

As one of the UK’s leading providers of solutions to address noise and vibration challenges in buildings, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new dedicated gym division which will focus on troubleshooting sound control in fitness and leisure environments.

As part of the Performance Technology division of SIG, we adopt a solutions-based approach to building acoustic challenges, a strategy which will be central to the new gym division. Heading up our gym operation will be Steve Whitbread, in the newly created role of Business Development Manager. Steve brings over 15 years’ experience of the acoustic and vibration industry to the team, the last seven of these having focused specifically on working with major gym chains as well as public sector and independent fitness outlets.

Commenting on his new role, Steve said: “Unlike many other areas of building acoustics, gyms are not governed by a specific building standard. This makes these projects particularly challenging when it comes to sound and vibration control. The fact that CMS Danskin Acoustics has possibly the largest range of noise solutions available from a single source makes this an especially exciting move for me.”

Alongside the creation of the dedicated gym division, we have expanded our specialist product range to include everroll® sports flooring. The addition of this market-leading sports flooring range will complement our existing Regupol® impact sound system portfolio. Steve continues: “Wherever possible, sports flooring is used to achieve the right balance of sound control and resilience, but in the instances where a development might need a combination of standard sports flooring alongside a more specialist treatment – we’ll be able to fulfil the complete specification as part of one package.”

To assist gyms located in mixed-use developments or where acoustic remediation may be required due to noise complaints, we will be offering a subjective testing service. This is designed to evaluate the exact sound reduction or vibration control required and identify a bespoke system specification which will provide the necessary performance for the operational environment.

To support the launch of the new gym division, we have released a specialist fitness and leisure brochure which details the full range of solutions available. Click here for your PDF copy, or call 01925 577711 for a printed copy.

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