SuperPhon High Impact Grid System

High Impact Grid System

SuperPon High Impact Grid System
SuperPhon Ceilings – High Impact Grid
SuperPhon High Impact Grid is a Class ‘A’ sound absorption lining ideal for ceilings where there is risk of impact, such as sports halls, or a risk of undesirable removal in applications such as prisons, mental health institutions, public areas, etc.

The CMS Danskin SuperPhon High impact Grid Panels have been specifically developed to provide an attractive reverberation control solution for areas of high traffic or where high levels of surface impact is expected. These highly robust panels are manufactured to bespoke order and finished with acoustic woven fabric to deliver an aesthetic finish in a wide range of colour options.

CMS Danskin SuperPhon High Impact Grid system has been developed to support the SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels either direct to the structural soffit or onto a suitable boarded MF grid arrangement if a void or lower ceiling level is required. The grid is manufactured from steel sections that are white as standard but can be colour coded to any RAL colour subject to a surcharge.


  • Provides up to Class ‘A’ acoustic absorption
  • Various colours available
  • Wipe clean finish available
  • Bespoke manufacture
  • FREE reverberation calculation service is available
  • Acoustic panel installation service can be provided through approved contractors
  • Full technical and on-site support
SuperPhon High Impact Grid System


  • Sports halls
  • Public areas
  • Gymnasiums
  • Prisons
  • Mental health institutions
  • ASchools
SuperPhon Technical Specification

SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels
SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels conform to the following specifications:
- Panel core in non-combustible
- Standard Fabric covering complies with BS 476 1987 Part 7 Class 1 surace spread of flame
- When wrapped in specially treated CMS fabric, Superphon panels comply with fire tests BS476: Part 6 & 7
to give UK Building Regulations Class '0' and comply with BS EN 1021-1 2006 (cigarette)
The noise absorption coefficient is expressed as a factor betwenn 0 and 1.0. The more sound that a material absorbs, the higher the noise absorption coefficient.
Absorption Class
SuperPhon High Impact
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The information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate at the time of going to press. However, due to CMS Danskin’s commitment to a policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to make changes when necessary and without prior notification. We can’t accept responsibility for products that are not installed or used in accordance with our specifications and instructions.

SuperPhon High Impact Grid System Installation

  • Install the perimeter trim using appropriate fixing configuration to suit the background. Bottom edge of the perimeter trim should be located so the SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels can be positioned on top of the leg so a comfortable fit of the panel and the structural soffit is achieved. Ensure the perimeter trim is level.

SuperPhon High Impact Grid Diagramme

  • Shorter cross channels are to be cut from the longer main channels and are also located on top of the perimeter trim leg and the main channels or spanning main channel to main channel again trapping the SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels in position.
  • Once positioned, drill through the SuperPhon Grid System in the recess and through into the substrate behind. Suitable fixing should be located at 300mm centres in long channels and a minimum of two fixings per 600mm along short cross channels.
  • SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels can be cut on site if required using a utility knife or serrated blade. The fabric facing can be cut with scissors once the acoustic core has been cut and removed.
  • Install the channel support lapped on the perimeter trim and trapping the SuperPhon High Impact Grid Panels in place.

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SuperPhon Installation Guide

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