Soundproofing Solutions for Noisy Neighbours

A recent survey into the problems of noisy neighbours and noise-related stress revealed that  over 1.8 million people have suffered stress as a result of noisy neighbours and that, for almost one in ten UK residents, noisy neighbours represent a chronic problem.

Whilst new homes can be soundproofed at a structural level, older properties require ‘retro-fitted’ solutions. CMS Danskin’s Refurbishment Division offers a wide range of just such products, including acoustic boards and panels, acoustic isolating clips and furring channels, acoustic quilts and acoustic ceiling boards.

If you’re suffering as the result of a noisy neighbour, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to all your options here.

Karma Acoustiwall
Karma Isomax Clips
and Channel – Walls
Karma Easypanel
Karma Acoustic Blanket
Karma Isomax Clips
and Channels – Ceilings
Maxi 60 Ceiling