PolyUrethane Non-Flammable Foam (Class ‘O’) Facings

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Large Version PolyUrethane Non-Flammable Foam (Class ‘O’) FacingsCMS Danskin Acoustics Class O acoustic foam composite comprising fire resistant foam (see data sheet 1001) with a fire resistant polymeric coating.


CMS Danskin Acoustics Class O acoustic foam with an S-V1 coating is employed where a resistance to fluids and chemicals is required. Ideal for clean room and computer room applications where a dust free environment is specified. Where CMS Class O acoustic foam is used for internal and external duct linings the S-V1 surface treatment provides an effective barrier to water especially at ductwork inlet sections. S-V1 is applied to CMS Danskin Acoustics Class O acoustic foam for engine room applications such as under bonnets and in engine compartments.


  • Fire resistant polymeric coating.
  • Surface can be easily wiped clean.
  • Improves durability.
  • Provides resistance to water oil petrol diesel and detergents.
  • Large improvement to mid frequency acoustic performance.

CMS Danskin Acoustics Class 0 acoustic foam with an SVG1 facing is employed in the food and process industry or for applications where hygiene is an important factor.

Benefits of SVG1

  • Fire resistant glass cloth facing.
  • Surface can be easily washed.
  • High resilience and improves durability.
  • Provides resistance to acids alkalis oil grease petrol and diesel.
PolyUrethane Non-Flammable Foam (Class O) Facings Datasheet Img