SuperLag Hygienic

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SuperLag-Hygienic-300x205CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag Hygienic is a modern product consisting of three layers in the form of a single laminate. The acoustic isolating layer or spacer is a melamine foam. This isolating spacer supports a layer of heavy mass polymeric barrier and an outer Class ‘0’ flame/vapour barrier.


CMS Danskin Acoustics SuperLag Hygienic is a highly efficient acoustic treatment designed for areas where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount
importance such as pharmaceutical industries and clean
room applications e.g. food and drinks processing and
electronics industries.


  • Easy and quick to apply.
  • Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Applied as a single layer treatment.
  • Excellent fire resistance & temperature stability.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Low toxicity.
CMS Danskin SuperLag Hygienic conforms to the following specifications:
Melamine foam density11 kg/m3 nominal
Operating temperature-30 to 200°C
Chemical resistanceOils, water, most solvents
Fire resistanceClass ‘0’ Building Regulations B2/3/4 Appendix A. Foil Faced
Thermal Conductivity0.037 W/mK


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