Simplified fixings set to increase the speed of panel installation

CMS Danskin Acoustics, one of the UK’s leading specialists in acoustic insulation, sound absorption and reverberation, has announced the launch of VELCRO® Brand Acoustic Mounting System fixings for its SuperPhon® range. This innovative new method will provide a streamlined installation that will accelerate site productivity through a simplified fixing process.

The SuperPhon® range provides an effective means of controlling reverberation and reflective sound in rooms where noise can be an issue. Providing up to class ‘A’ acoustic absorption, the flexible solution is widely used in schools, sports halls, call centres and recording studios, to create acoustically sound environments. The new VELCRO® Brand Acoustic Mounting System fixings can be used with the full range of SuperPhon® wall and ceiling panel products.

Neil Clifford, Sales Director, CMS Danskin Acoustics, said: “SuperPhon® is an effective solution to controlling reverberation and we’re always seeking to improve our offering. With the introduction of the VELCRO® Brand fastenings, it further increases the speed of application and also allows for greater fixing tolerances over the current 2mm-3mm.”

The VELCRO® Brand solution is the latest innovation in the product range, following the launch of SuperPhon® High Impact Wall Panels and SuperPhon® Active; which saw CMS Danskin Acoustics develop its range to offer a choice of high impact yet absorptive systems. The CMS Danskin Acoustics team is committed to continually investing in research and development to address the needs of the construction industry, with the launch of VELCRO® fixings being the latest product to benefit the market.

Garry Herrington, Construction Business Development Manager Northern Europe at VELCRO® Companies, has commented saying: “CMS Danskin Acoustics are leaders in their field, and we are incredibly pleased to be bringing VELCRO® Brand fixings to the SuperPhon® range and launching it to market alongside their team. We wanted to assist in developing a range of semi-permanent and permanent fixing solutions that will enhance speed of installation of construction products and greatly improve efficiency.”

To find out more about using VELCRO® Brand fixings with the SuperPhon® range, please contact your local branch

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