Regupol 3912 (with 18mm chipboard)

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REGUPOL 3912 is an acoustic underlay for refurbishments which is highly durable and designed to attenuate impact and airborne sound. It is manufactured from PUR foam and is loose laid over a timber deck before 18mm chipboard is floated over the top. A resilient bar ceiling system should be applied to the underside of the joists.


  • Can aid achievement of Part E compliance for refurbishments
  • Shallow solution – 24mm
  • Offers long term performance under high point loads
  • Resistant to ageing and deformation
  • Excellent sound reduction of 23dB Delta Lw


Roll width: 1m
Roll length: 15m
Thickness: 6mm

Karma PVA Adhesive (D3)
1 litre bottles

Karma Acoustic perimeter strip
100mm x 5mm x 75m roll