SuperPhon Acoustic Wall Panels

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Watch our video (below) to see how SuperPhon acoustic wall panels are hand-finished and installed.

SuperPhon Acoustic Wall Panels

SuperPhon™ acoustic wall panels for wall soundproofing are a composite construction and offer a fabric-covered solution for reducing sound reverberation.

SuperPhon™ acoustic wall panels deliver highly effective wall soundproofing and reverberation control in schools studios auditoria cinemas and offices. These acoustic panels are also available for industrial application such as engine enclosures test cells and workshops with a separate industrial finish available.

The SuperPhon™ range of acoustic wall panels is available in standard sizes and thicknesses and bespoke panels and absorbers of a specific size thickness shape or fabric facing can be readily manufactured.

superphon acoustic wall panelsAs well as the broad offering of standard fabric colours these acoustic panels can be colour matched to any chosen fabric.
The SuperPhon™ Range of acoustic wall panels includes:
  • SuperPhon™ Acoustic Wall Panel System
  • SuperPhon™ Baffles
  • SuperPhon™ High Impact
  • SuperPhon™ Window Reveal Liners
  • SuperPhon™ Suspended Absorber
  • Provides up to Class A Soundproofing Performance
  • 88 fabric colours available over two ranges (see palette below)
  • Wipe clean finish available
  • Bespoke manufacture
  • Complete range of fixing systems
  • FREE reverberation calculation service available
  • Acoustic panel installation service can be provided through approved contractors
  • Full technical and on-site support

SuperPhon Acoustic Wall Panels Colour Palette

  1. Cara Colour Range
  2. Lucia Colour Range
    Lucia 1
    Lucia 2
With a flexible design and installation process, the SuperPhon™ range of acoustic wall panels is suitable for a variety of applications where reverberation times and reflected sound needs to be addressed.

Suitable applications for wall mounted SuperPhon™ Wall System and Sound Absorption Panels include:
  • Recording studios
  • Audiology rooms
  • Commercial premises
  • Schools
  • Reception Areas
  • Cinemas & threatres
  • Call centres and conference rooms
  • Gymnasiums, Sports halls
  • Offices
  • Public entertainment facilities
superphon acoustic wall panels case studies

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