SoundLay & SoundLay Plus Acoustic Overlay Material

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Acoustic Overlay MaterialCMS Danskin Acoustics SoundLay Acoustic Overlay Material is available in two formats – SoundLay and SoundLay Plus – offering a high performance floor noise barrier and reducing both impact and airborne sound. SoundLay Plus offers additional airborne and impact sound insulation where superior noise control is necessary.

Both SoundLay and SoundLay Plus SoundLay Acoustic Overlay Material – are designed for concrete floor applications and can also be used for timber floors. It is primary used where impact noise insulation is required although can provide a level of airborne noise insulation.
  • Reduce impact sound
  • Improve airborne sound performance
  • Suitable for concrete and timber floating floors
  • Both systems tested on basic floor constructions
  • Flexible easily cut and simple to install
  • Supplied in thin easy to handle tiles.
  • Simple to install
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for all final floor finishes
SoundLay Acoustic Overlay Material is designed for concrete floor applications and can also be used for timber floors for impact and airborne sound insulation.

Can be used in:
  • New Build
  • Retrofit
  • Renovation
  • Offices
  • Residential Developments
  • Hotels
Acoustic performance: Timber floors

Airborne sound insulation*
Impact Sound insulation**
SoundLay Plus (Example 1)
SoundLay Plus (Example 2)
* Doc E (July 2003) Building Regulations 43/45dB (minimum)
** Doc E (July 2003) Building Regulations 62/64dB (minimum)
CMS Class ‘0’ acoustic foam is a fully tested fire resistant foam that achieves the fire resistance requirements of British Building Regulations BS476: Part 6 & 7, satisfying the highest level Class‘0’. Conforms to the following specifications:


Flammability (FMVSS 302)
ASTM 1692:1974
Service temperature
Self extinguishing
Resists ignition
<80°C (continuous)
<110°C (short periods)
Acoustic Overlay Material Installation
CMS WB acoustic barrier material is a high-density mineral loaded thermoplastic polymer. Black in colour, ecologically neutral and recyclable it conforms to the following:

Flammability (FMVSS 302)
Service temperature
Zero burn rate
<90°C (continuous)
<120°C (short periods)
Thickness (mm)
Weight (kg/m2)
1200mm x 1000mm
SoundLay Plus
1200mm x 1000mm
CMS Danskin SoundLay Acoustic Overlay Material is supplied in standard sheet/tile sizes. These are easy to lay on the floor in a staggered pattern, placing tightly together.

The SoundLay Acoustic Overlay Material sheets can be laid loose or bonded to the floor. When bonding to the floor, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, grease free and that the flooring is secured before bonding. CMS Bond 100 Adhesive should be used. The SoundLay sheets can be pushed up to the skirting board or wall; ensure a tight fit to prevent flanking of airborne noise.


Can be installed using grippers or by bonding. Contact CMS Danskin Acoustics for advice on the selection and fitting of grippers. When bonding, ensure the adhesive is suitable for polyurethane materials, as shrinkage may occur. When bonding carpet, it is recommended that SoundLay Soundproofing Underlayment sheets are first bonded to the floor, using CMS Bond 100 Adhesive.


Where a wooden laminated floor finish is being used, it is recommended that a layer of 12mm T+G plywood or MDF is bonded to the SoundLay Soundproofing Underlayment first, using CMS Bond 100 Adhesive.


Where vinyl floor coverings are to be used, it is recommended that a layer of 12mm T+G plywood or MDF is bonded to the SoundLay first, using CMS Bond 100 Adhesive. Please note: For installations and applications not listed, please contact CMS Danskin Acoustics for guidance.

Recommended Adhesive

For bonding to the subfloor, CMS Acoustics recommends the use of CMS Bond 100 Adhesive. For further guidance please contact CMS Danskin Acoustics.

*Please note, nail bound systems must not be used with SoundLay as this will compromise the material’s acoustic performance

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